Customs Consultancy Services

Customs clearance of import & export shipment can be particularly difficult, is not applicable under the same practices and standards in every country. Especially, if documentation is not prepared properly and carefully, any and all discrepancies can result in delays, extra costs and/or penalties.

BPI can help its customer how to solve the above problems, including guidance in customs clearance in Viet Nam as well as in other countries where your goods should be exported.

BPI’s Customs Consultancy Services include the following:

– Customs formalities of all kinds of imports and exports including commercial goods, aid shipment, project cargoes, transit cargoes, exhibits, temporary export/re-import, temporary import/re-export, non-commercial goods.

– Consultancy on customs declaration, tax access and other relevant tax & duty policies.

– Consultancy on customs formalities and clearance in other countries

Customs Brokerage

Prompt and efffective clearance of international cargoes is critical to the seccessful supply chain. As a total logistics solutions provider, BPI deploys one of extensive customs brokerage operations.

BPIincorporates a team of professional customs brokers, import and export specialists.

BPI’s Customs Clearance Services include the following:

– Legal valuation of merchandise.

– Classification of goods.

– Proper tax & duty accessment.

– Import/export procedure.

– Temporary Import/export procedure.

– Port clearance.

– Maintenance of record.

– Consultancy services.